One of the most compelling ways we have found to illustrate planned change is through the use of transformation graphics. This involves taking a photo of the project site before any change has occurred and superimposing a graphic illustrated proposed changes onto it. Several examples are included below. Drag your computer mouse pointer over each image to see the original conditions verses the proposed changes.

Zum Aker Alley in Lititz, Pennsylvania

Zum Anker Alley, Lititz, PA


Tribute Garden at Northampton Community College in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

Tribute Garden, Northampton Community College, Bethlehem, PA


Susquehanna University

enhancing campuses, downtowns, and athletics

Derck & Edson’s commitment to enhancing campuses, downtowns, and athletics is demonstrated through our numerous projects throughout the United States and the wow-factor we deliver that leaves lasting, positive impressions on our clients.

In all our projects, we advocate an inclusive client-centered approach that engages the community and its stakeholders. This includes project meetings that are engaging and interactive, yet pointed and consensus-based, resulting in efficient, on-target feedback that generates enthusiasm and a high degree of support for the results. In this way, our projects are more readily embraced and implemented and final deliverables are truly your product, facilitated and developed by our team, acting as agents for you.

trusted advisors

Our clients tell us we are different because we become part of their teams. We strive to truly understand the essence of our clients, their sites, and their vision. In our pursuit for this high level of understanding, we become trusted advisors - something we consider to be the highest compliment a client can give.

compelling imagery

Many firms stop when the site plan is complete. At Derck & Edson, we believe that is when the fun begins. We excel at taking an agreed-upon plan for the future and translating those two-dimension plans into meaningful graphics, insightful text, 3D visualizations, marketing graphics ~ whatever we can create to advance the project and assist our client.

making the outdoors great

Making the outdoors great sums up the purpose of our firm. Whether we are working on a higher education campus, in a downtown, on a sports field project, or any of a variety of other projects, we seek to have a positive impact on the outdoor spaces that make up the project site. Our work involves highly technical calculations for storm water and water quality to more aesthetic considerations like the effect of tree canopy and of course, all the many types of considerations in between these extremes.

Since the establishment of the firm in 1940, our dedication to satisfying clients’ needs for function, responsiveness, economy, and creativity has produced innovative and enduring design solutions. We provide quality planning and design services to shape the natural and built environment in innovative and functional ways. Our staff includes dedicated landscape architects, civil engineers, and land planners who provide the full range of design and technical capabilities necessary to carry a project through the entire design and construction process.