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des ·ti ·na ·tion   \des-tuh-ney-shuhn\ adjective – noting an attraction or event that people are willing to travel a long distance to get to, either because it is very good or distinctive or because it is located in a popular and interesting place Los Angeles, CA ”“ Summer 2011 “Meet me at Third & […]


or ·na ·ment  \ˈor-nÉ’-mÉ’nt\ noun – a small, fancy object that is put on something else to make it more attractive; a way to make something look more attractive and less plain Las Vegas, NV ”“ Summer 2011 What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. From a design standpoint, that is most certainly not true. […]


i ·con ·ic  /īˈkänik/adjective – of, relating to, or of the nature of an icon Minneapolis, MN ”“ Summer 2008 Since the early 1950’s, anyone who has given the comics a cursory glance in their morning paper has most likely read the work of Charles M. Schulz. Of the many great experiences offered by the […]


res ·pite  \riˈspÄ«t\ noun ”“ a short period of rest or relief from something difficult or unpleasant As a deluge of April showers depart, we are all hoping to see sunshine and copious amounts of May flowers in the coming weeks. The seemingly never-ending doldrums of winter have left many of our core communities yearning […]


en · vi · ron · ment · al enËŒvÄ«rÉ’nˈmen(t)l  adjective relating to the natural world Since 1970, April 22 has been a day to celebrate Earth Day and the continued global focus on preserving the planet we all call home. For many, Earth Day is notable for bringing the environmental movement into the forefront of […]


ex · pan · sive ik-ˈspan(t)-siv adjective covering or including many things, very broad or wide; covering a large space or area Wide open spaces are not generally what you first think of when considering Pennsylvania’s boroughs. Many of our communities have grown from small town roots into modern day downtowns but the sheer size […]


con ·jure   [kŏn”²jÉ’r] verb – make (something) appear unexpectedly or seemingly from nowhere History is something that most towns have in spades. Communities wrestle with the best practices to preserve and maintain their history and celebrate it as a driver of local economics. But just as prevalent in our core communities are those structures […]


re ·cy ·cled    [ree-sahy-kuhld] verb – to alter or adapt for new use without changing the essential form or nature of Philadelphia has so much to offer as a muse for community planning. If you can make your way to an Amtrak station, I encourage you to take the train to Philly and meander, […]


lay ·ered  Ëˆlā-É’rd’  noun   ~    a depth or level of meaning Odds are we have all watched some type of travel food experience show and have a favorite foodie or food. Maybe it’s Anthony Bourdain, Rachel Ray (on a $40 budget), Man vs. Food, or anything bizarre Andrew Zimmern has eaten. Personally, I […]


prom ·i ·nence  Ëˆprä-mÉ’-nÉ’n(t)s  noun ”“ in hiking, the quality of rising above or projecting beyond one’s neighbors When you have big neighbors (in this specific case, like Mechanicsburg and Carlisle), standing out as a destination community can be difficult. After all, those towns have major highways and the traffic they carry nearby to support […]