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ten minutes of magic

The art of college admissions is a unique combination of perspiration, science, and mystery.  Months – sometimes years – of cultivation, college fairs, and counselor visits prepare a road that includes tens of thousands of dollars of publications, web development, prospect lists, and client data collection.  Seemingly endless hours of communication in every imaginable form […]

sherpa required?

The percentage of college and university campuses where finding one’s way requires the aid of a Sherpa guide is astoundingly high. Since the vast percentage of campuses were not designed in the manner of a contemporary planned community, the logic of the campus’ layout is often not easy to discern.   In fact, to the […]

to be continued

In the corner of a beautiful garden stands a bronze statue of a diminutive Greek figure clad in a kitchen apron. The expression on his face is warm and inviting. No rearing horse, no sword drawn in anticipation of an impending charge, nothing that signals either great achievement or noble purpose. Simply a man with […]

the music of the night

As the sun sets on your campus, opportunities emerge. During the daylight hours, your campus shines with the play of sun and shadow to call attention to the architecture, gardens, and walkways.   In the night, an entirely new aesthetic palette presents itself.   Choices can be made that allow us to see special places […]

are you paving your road with good intentions?

For better or worse, every campus has existing hardscape elements.   The surface materials of buildings; the wood, stone or brickwork of retaining walls; the textures, colors, and materials of walkways and roadways; the borders of gardens; the treatment of the immutable parking lots ”“ all combine to make up a hardscape palette.  Significant creative […]

places of the heart

At the heart of the college experience are the friendships of our students’ lives. Late night conversations and laughter in the residence halls, seemingly endless cups of coffee in the ”˜caf,’walks through the campus gardens, along ponds and streams, cheering at an athletic event, or simply sunning with a friend on a lawn with a […]

imposing order on chaos

There it stands ”“ right on your campus. That one building that is just in the absolute wrong place. It must have seemed like a good idea at the time, but no one seems to remember why. Or  those broken and cracked asphalt service drives that crisscross the campus, scarring the beauty of the pedestrian […]