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Allegheny College Bicentennial

Dedicating 200 Years of Allegheny College With the sun trying to break free from the clouds on a brisk October afternoon on Allegheny College’s historic campus, President James Mullen spoke eloquently about both the history of Allegheny and the future. Standing on the new Bicentennial Plaza with local and regional leaders, the orchestra, and choir […]


Technically Speaking A Leg to Stand On The Flip Side Signs as Art Signs, signs, everywhere a sign”¦ Your downtown cannot speak. It does not have an actual voice to welcome visitors, tell them where to turn or travel, or indicate the location of all the great things to do in your community. So unless […]

Juniata Outdoor Classroom

Juniata College dedicated a unique classroom space this past fall. The outdoor classroom, a class gift from the class of 2014, is constructed and ready for general campus use in warmer weather. Derck & Edson created the schematic designs that included everything from how the classroom should be oriented on the site to the details […]

Seasonal Displays

Seasonal displays Tis the season ”¦ for seasonal displays. So this month, our focus is on exactly that. Whether you are going all-out for the December holidays or have a future display in mind, these tips may help smooth your path to success, from a more technical engineering and landscape architectural viewpoint. Shedding some light […]


ra ·ti ·o ·ci ·nate \ËŒra-tÄ“-ˈō-sÉ’-ËŒnāt\ verb to reason We did a lot of talking over the past year. We talked about confabulating, fabricating, and embracing ~ zeal, fusion, and prominence. So much to say ”“ so many great places in Pennsylvania. It is hard to remember them all (but you can see them all […]


cachet \ka-ˈshā\noun a characteristic feature or quality conferring prestige As summer comes to a close, I can’t help but reflect on the quaint shops, intimate streetscapes, and the lazy days of summer that are what many people think of when they envision the shore towns in southern New Jersey. Not unlike many of Pennsylvania’s boroughs, […]


piz ·zazz   /pɒˈzaz/   noun an attractive combination of vitality and glamour; a quality or style that is exciting and interesting We went in search of pie. We heard about a bakery where the crust is hand-made and you can buy a variety of pies, by the slice. Reason enough to set out on […]


tan ·gent \ˈtan-jÉ’nt\ adjective diverging from an original purpose or course Summer time is a great time for movies, especially in Pennsylvania’s communities. Many offer outdoor movie experiences in parks or on church lawns and of course, there are our historic theatres like The Allen in Annville, The Majestic in Gettysburg, or the State Theatre […]


dis ·tinc ·tive \d-stngktv\ adjective of a feature that helps to distinguish a person or thing There are many elements that can help a downtown setting stand out and be remembered. Dedicated folks work hard to create, enhance, and protect these elements and in Pennsylvania, many have met with great success! Creating distinction can be […]


zeal \ ˈzÄ“l \noun strong feeling of interest and enthusiasm that makes someone very eager or determined to do something Upon my return to the office from vacation, with a camera card full of photos from great downtowns in New Hampshire, talk turned to the similarities and differences between what we see and experience in […]