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safe ·keep ·ing \ˈsāf-ˈkÄ“-piÅ‹\   noun the act of keeping something safe What do you hold dear? Many of us would immediately think of family and friends, perhaps some long-held traditions, or even particular material possessions. Reflecting on what we hold most dear helps us to prioritize our daily lives and guide our life decisions. […]


élan \ ā-ˈläⁿ \ noun vigorous spirit, energy, or enthusiasm Many months ago, we had an idea. Let’s talk! Talk about downtowns, the elements that make them attractive, the unique quirks that make them memorable. Downtown Hollidaysburg is such a downtown worth talking about. There is a nice mix of food establishments and retail. The […]


mal ·lea ·ble  \ma-lÄ“-É’-bÉ’l \ adjective capable of being altered or controlled by outside forces or influences, having a capacity for adaptive  change The ability to change is paramount to sustaining a thriving and vibrant community. Outside forces will continue to exist, exert pressure, and, by default, require changes in our towns. Inside forces are […]


em ·brace   /em-breys/   verb   –  to take or receive gladly or eagerly; accept willingly Growing up, my parents were skilled with the use of expressions ”“ both cliché and original. When I wanted to get my ears pierced, my mom said the last thing I needed was another hole in my head. […]


charm ˈchärm   noun trait that fascinates, allures, or delights; a physical grace or attraction You’ve Got Mail, My Cousin Vinnie ~ there are some movies I just can’t turn away from. If I’m channel-surfing and catch a snippet, I’m locked in for the duration. For me, these movies hold a certain charm. Tom Hanks […]


eclec ·tic  e-ˈklek-tik, i-  adjective selecting what appears to be best in various doctrines, methods, or styles ~ composed of elements drawn from various sources A cupcake shop and a wine bar. One store devoted to running apparel, another to mystical objects. A fashion boutique and craft beer house. An art gallery and a creperie. […]


im ·pres ·sive  /imˈpresiv/  adjective ~ evoking admiration through size, quality, or skill: grand, imposing, or awesome Errands (which are not impressive) are a part of life and often take us to new communities. Last week, I traveled from Lititz, to Harrisburg, to Carlisle, and back again. A native of Central PA, I’m sure I’ve […]


fu ·sion   /ˈfyoÍžoZHÉ’n/ noun the process or result of joining two or more things together to form a single entity On any given day, you’ll find a variety of folks in Tioga County. Site seers and outdoor enthusiasts come for the many parks and lakes as well as the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon and the Pine […]


con ·sol ·i ·date /kÉ’nˈsälÉ’ËŒdāt/ verb ~  make something physically stronger or more solid; combine into a single more effective or coherent whole One-stop-shopping has become a theme for many big box retailers. But consolidation can take many forms. Emerging from farm land, at the intersection of routes 322 and 10 in Chester County, you’ll find […]


mer ·chan ·dis ·ing    mur-chuh n-dahy-zing noun – element of marketing concerned especially with the sale of goods and services to customers; often involves product display An insurance company with an elaborate display of vintage housewares. A hair stylist’s storefront with an eclectic collection of fashion accessories artfully arranged. A massive wooden curlicue adorning […]