boyertown museum of historic vehicles

BoyertownIf you happen to be in eastern Berks County and feel like taking a step back in time, head to Boyertown and find the Museum of Historic Vehicles, We became aware of this truly unique Pennsylvania destination through our involvement with Keystone C.O.R.E. Services, a subsidiary nonprofit real-estate intervention organization of the Pennsylvania Downtown Center.   The museum houses an impressive collection of 19th and early 20th century vehicles manufactured in southeastern Pennsylvania.

We are working with the Museum board on strategies for redeveloping an adjacent surface parking lot and a vacant fuel and service station. Currently the parking lot is utilized for the Boyertown summer farmers’ market and event parking for the Museum, however the early discussions with the Board have led to some bolder visions for this lot and the adjacent service station. We see tremendous value in this effort as a revitalization tool for Boyertown and the surrounding region