bu ·col ·ic adjective /byoÍžoˈkälik/ – of or relating to the pleasant aspects of the countryside

Chainsaw carving is a pastime that uses a razor sharp chain traveling more than 50 feet per second as a mechanism for the creation of beauty, whimsy, and sense of place. Sounds neat, right?

Ridgway DSCF3782

If you missed the 14th Annual Chainsaw Carvers Rendezvous this past February in Ridgeway, you need only to drive through Elk County on PA Route 219 and you will be treated to the stunning collection of raw material that supplies the abundant sculptural display adorning the streets of downtown Ridgway. Being in Ridgway, there is no mistaking your place in the PA Wilds region, but seeing block after block guarded by local fauna carefully carved out of native soft woods is distinct and welcoming. Chainsaw carving did not originate in Ridgway, the chainsaw itself wasn’t invented there, and trees grow all over the world, so why all the fuss?

Well, promotion, which is one of the four tenants of the National Trust’s Main Street program approach but also celebration. As a community, they seized an opportunity to promote their rural location and create an event and a lasting identity that sets them apart from their neighboring communities. They continue to celebrate the results of the event in a very visible way on their streets.

There are many unique festivals across the state from mushrooms in Kennett Square to cherries in North East. What makes your town unique? Are you promoting it and more importantly are you celebrating it for all the world (or at least all the weekend road trippers) to see?