something new under the summer sun ”¦ and fall too


Last summer, we journeyed to Canton, Ohio and Malone University. The University was facing challenges with enrollment, facility needs, and limited resources. A fresh approach to facilities planning was needed. Our new Campus Enhancement Plan provided a unique and cost effective process that quickly identified those facilities improvements that will have the greatest impact on campus, specifically related to recruitment and retention.

The Campus Enhancement Plan, or CEP, has since been embraced by several more campuses and will be featured in educational sessions at CACUBO (September 29 in Chicago) and EACUBO (October 6 in Baltimore) this fall. Read more

imposing order on chaos

GDP-photo-webThere it stands ”“ right on your campus. That one building that is just in the absolute wrong place. It must have seemed like a good idea at the time, but no one seems to remember why.

Or  those broken and cracked asphalt service drives that crisscross the campus, scarring the beauty of the pedestrian landscape. The priorities are clear, namely, ease of access for every service vehicle imaginable, from plumbing to garbage collection.

Or maybe it’s  those ugly parking lots that must adjoin every faculty office building and student residence? So much for the campus’ wellness program and green initiative.

These are just a few of the architectural and human planning challenges every campus inherits and, alas, dynamite is not an acceptable design solution. Read more

well, well, well(ness)

We are pleased to join Cecil College and Marshall Craft Associates in celebrating the 2013 Innovative Architecture and Design Award for the Cecil College Physical Education Complex on their North East, MD campus.

Cecil-judges Read more

presidential perspective and a presidential welcome

Working in higher education, we have been fortunate to get to know many college and university presidents and truly value their unique perspective. From time to time, their words of wisdom will be shared here.

One of the presidents we have gotten to know over the years is now part of our team as we have recently welcomed Dr. G. David Pollick to our firm. Read more


This April, KAPPA* hosted their annual spring meeting at the beautifully renovated Omni Bedford Springs Resort.

The conference attendees  were welcomed with a superb meal served in the original 19th century ballroom. During the meal, a local expert provided a great historical overview of the hotel. He was joined by the renovation contactors who gave an insider’s view of the renovation process. We learned that the ballroom columns are hollow and the floor is actually supported by suspension from the ceiling above. This allows for open spaces below the room, which accommodates the   Chrystal Dining room and the grand entry to the lobby. The renovation  contractors further discussed the extensive research and cataloguing that was  undertaken to ensure the renovation was historically accurate. The count of  fixtures, lights, and other detailed architectural elements Read more

a ”green”house for environmental science

Recognition is very seldom the motivation for doing a building   project. However, a little recognition never hurt.


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one for the record books

Except for a few teams, the college football season has drawn to a close. At Upper Iowa University, the memories of this season remain for many reasons, including thoughts of their upgraded complex, made suitable for a NCAA Division II Football program.UIU stadium

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beneath your feet


Post tensioning, box culverts, weir structures, compressive strength vs. tensile strength, rebar, rebar, and more rebar ~ this summer, we have had the opportunity to watch a fascinating transformation occur at Elizabethtown College. Unfortunately most people will never see any of it Read more

impossibly blue


UIU Dickinson MT Library

Nothing sets off a project site quite like a clear blue sky and fluffy white clouds. As we continue to work on design and construction projects around the region, we also try to be intentional about taking advantage of as many picturesque days as we can, to document our projects after construction and while the spaces are in use. After all, that’s really what our designs are all about! Read more

the road hits the rubber

maloneEarly April in northeast Ohio conjures images of residual   snow piles, cold rainy mornings, and colder blustery nights. Not this April! Read more