celebrating national landscape architecture month


For the past 7 years, Derck & Edson has worked with a local school district to promote the profession and inspire students to think about the landscapes they see around them. This year is the 5th consecutive year working with the 6th grade class of Manheim Central Middle School.

Through their Omega program, a group of students immerse themselves in architectural design for a semester. Each student does a precedent study of well-known architects, followed by several weeks of designing their own dream home. Starting in 2008, we began working with the students to explain the importance of site design and landscape planning as it related to not only their dream homes, but the broader community and ecosystem as well.

After hearing about what Landscape Architects do in their professional lives, the students waste no time putting their creativity to work. They start by siting their home on their property and then systematically begin designing the environment in which their dream homes exist. The results are never less than amazing. The thought processes and the creative drive that the students focus on their plans are simply inspiring. It is a not so subtle reminder of why we got involved in this profession and is a great re-energizer.