charm ˈchärm   noun

trait that fascinates, allures, or delights; a physical grace or attraction

You’ve Got Mail, My Cousin Vinnie ~ there are some movies I just can’t turn away from. If I’m channel-surfing and catch a snippet, I’m locked in for the duration.

For me, these movies hold a certain charm. Tom Hanks mouthing, “you’ve got mail!” or Marissa Tomei declaring, “oh yeah, you blend” ~ this never gets old. Outdated maybe, with dial-up Internet references and talk of positraction, but not undesirable. And certainly not inadaptable to today.

mt gretna

Mount Gretna in Lebanon County holds these kinds of charms. The Jigger Shop, the Hide-A-Way, Gretna Emporium, mini golf, the playhouse, and the lake – these are ideal attractions in this tiny borough, but they also adapt easily to the swell of popularity in the summer months and the surge of visitors during peak times like the Outdoor Art Show when literally busloads of people descend.

In Mount Gretna, they make classic attractions work. They shine in their smallness. No detail is beyond notice. The welcome mat is out for groups both large and small. And if you visit, you’ll be charmed, I’m sure.

But make no mistake, you have to find Mount Gretna. Much like some of Pennsylvania’s best kept secrets, the charm is not clearly visible from the interstate or even a major highway, but instead hidden away so that when it is found, it is so much sweeter. And on those slow days in the spring or fall when the lake isn’t busy or the ice cream isn’t being scooped, the residents of the borough appreciate the charm as much as any visitor.