con ·sol ·i ·date /kÉ’nˈsälÉ’ËŒdāt/ verb ~  make something physically stronger or more solid; combine into a single more effective or coherent whole

One-stop-shopping has become a theme for many big box retailers. But consolidation can take many forms.


Emerging from farm land, at the intersection of routes 322 and 10 in Chester County, you’ll find Honey Brook, PA. And if you go to Honey Brook, you can accomplish a lot in one stop. Park your car once and travel on foot to the borough offices, the post office, the police station, the fire station, the bank, and even grab a bite to eat. There are churches and a variety of housing options too.

Of course, not every town can consolidate all their public works in the immediate downtown, while hosting Sunday brunch too. But what can you consolidate? What goods or services can you collect in your community to make things easier for those who come to town?

Try it. Come into town, park your vehicle, and walk. What do you find on your journey? And can I have brunch too?