des ·ti ·na ·tion   \des-tuh-ney-shuhn\ adjective – noting an attraction or event that people are willing to travel a long distance to get to, either because it is very good or distinctive or because it is located in a popular and interesting place

Los Angeles, CA ”“ Summer 2011

“Meet me at Third & Fairfax!”

If you happen to be attending a taping of  The Price is Right  at the CBS studios, or shopping at the American Girl Place, meeting at Third & Fairfax in West LA is a short walk. For the rest of us east coasters, it’s a little longer commute.

In either case, whether you’re close by or far away, the LA Farmer’s Market represents the very definition of destination. First, it’s very good. I know, that may sound simple, but being very good is really complex, not at all simple. Just being consistently very good can be difficult. But here, the donuts, the crepes, the fresh produce; they all add to the overall quality of experience at the market.


The juxtaposition of new and old also adds flavor and texture to the experience, from the historic cracked asphalt and iconic clock tower, to the trendy furniture and trendier smoothie bar. Its location is interesting and popular. It is near Hollywood and Beverly Hills. The Grove shopping district is next door which is new and shiny and modern, but adds value and attracts people to the area. If you have the occasion to visit southern California, by all means, meet up at Third & Fairfax, you’ll surely feel the sense of place that great places emanate.

As we wrap up our month of vacation destinations, let’s not forget that there are many couples, families, tour groups, individuals, and other visitors that make your community a stop on their vacations. Presumably, there are destination experiences, buildings, sites, or places in your community that draw them to you. Make sure that your destinations continue to exemplify the very elements that define the word.

Be distinctive.

Be very good. Consistently very good.

Be the place that others are willing to travel a long distance to get to.

Be a destination!