eclec ·tic  e-ˈklek-tik, i-  adjective

selecting what appears to be best in various doctrines, methods, or styles ~ composed of elements drawn from various sources

A cupcake shop and a wine bar. One store devoted to running apparel, another to mystical objects. A fashion boutique and craft beer house. An art gallery and a creperie. This eclectic mix of establishments is brought to you by West Reading Borough.



These uses and retail offerings may seem disjointed, but the varied offerings paired with the extreme individuality of each and every storefront is actually a rallying cry, speaking to the senses and demanding attention at each stop along the way.

Often in downtown development, the safe approach is to create uniformity. And West Reading has some of this: pleasing light standards, colorful banners, and attention-grabbing bike trail markers. The streetscape finishes in the public domain act as a unifying element, lending a vibe to the area that is pleasing and fun.

But the district is really defined by the many great ways it breaks the mold. How can your community break out this season? What pleasant and unexpected experiences do you have in store for your residents and visitors?