en · vi · ron · ment · al enËŒvÄ«rÉ’nˈmen(t)l  adjective

relating to the natural world

Since 1970, April 22 has been a day to celebrate Earth Day and the continued global focus on preserving the planet we all call home. For many, Earth Day is notable for bringing the environmental movement into the forefront of a cultural lexicon. As such, this day typically plays host to green activities related to planting trees, reducing carbon footprints, recycling more, driving less, buying local, or simply turning off a light.

Within our core communities, Earth Day  is a great  time to recognize and celebrate development efforts that, by choosing to reinvest in  historic architecture, may be some of the greenest and most environmentally sensitive developments that often go unnoticed.

While in the Borough of Slippery Rock last summer, I spent time marveling at the newest LEED Silver certified Robert M. Smith Student Center on the Slippery Rock University campus. Make no mistake, it is a terrific building and it utilizes green building technologies to mitigate its environmental impacts.


However, a more replicable, and in some cases, greener, building, is the North Country Brewing Company in downtown Slippery Rock. Renovating and rehabilitating the 1800’s storefront using locally sourced lumber and salvaged building materials can be viewed with equal environmental reverence. And in addition to the environmental benefits of adaptive reuse, there is a texture and character that adds emotional and intangible benefit to the sense of place in downtown Slippery Rock.

So as we celebrate this 34th Earth Day, look for opportunities to identify new opportunities and recognize those in your community who are enhancing the environment in special, unique, and Earth-friendly  ways.