ex · pan · sive ik-ˈspan(t)-siv adjective

covering or including many things, very broad or wide; covering a large space or area

Wide open spaces are not generally what you first think of when considering Pennsylvania’s boroughs. Many of our communities have grown from small town roots into modern day downtowns but the sheer size of these places has not changed over time. Our historic structures, which lend so much character to our downtowns, are set in place ”“ often a mere 4 or 5 feet from the curb.

Kennett Square shares this kind of historic past. However, somewhere along the way, the streets of Kennett Square incorporated a key difference. As compared to many other Pennsylvania boroughs, the historic, charming, and small scale downtown of Kennett Square has sidewalks that are expansive. Perhaps this is due to the one-way traffic patterns, affording a precious extra few feet to the public domain. But whatever the reason, the downtown retailers and restaurateurs have made the most of it. Atmospheric enhancements include brick banding, a collection of banners and planters, and creative sandwich boards. But most notable is the abundance of outdoor seating, snacking, and dining options ~ of every shape, size and material. And I mean this literally ~ they have wicker, wood, steel, aluminum, and even some great seat walls.


Some may lament the difficulties of having a one way street as your main retail corridor. But in Kennett Square, they have played the hand they were dealt in an appealing and effective way. What key difference does your downtown possess? Is there a silver lining to a development issue? Are you maximizing its potential?

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  1. Monica says:

    Kathleen,You can use the fabric to cover the plntas when it gets below 40 at night, but floating row cover is best, it is super light and does not hurt the plntas, it works like a small green house, it lets light and water thru and keeps bugs out. It is also really cheap and can be used for years. Mulch will help hold warm air around the plntas but it is not enough when the temp gets below 35 at night.ThanksTim

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