ex ·pres ·sive adjective /ikˈspresiv/ -effectively conveying thought or feeling, conveying the specified quality or idea

Signage can be many things; bold, subtle, effective, confusing, large, small, light, dark, and occasionally, if we are lucky, it’s effective. On a very rare occasion, signage can be expressive. Think about your most memorable sign in your own community, chances are it is memorable for its ability to not only inform, but to also convey a quality or idea.

Grove City

Combining effective signage with parking needs in a core community can be the difference between a happy customer on your streets and a flustered drive-by missed opportunity. The obligatory white “P” on a blue background symbolizes parking, almost universally, so we often think this is the easiest way to define where people can park. While this is true, it’s the communities that push the envelope to create signage that celebrates who they are while directing patrons to public parking that should be celebrated.

The signs in Grove City give reason to pause to simply take in their layers of detail and sculptural charm, not to mention their occurrence at all public parking areas. What better way to express to a first time visitor where to park that to hang a right at the coffee cup sculpture that says “parking.”

There are countless ways to make signs expressive, and certainly Grove City used art and sculpture as their delivery. What methods are employed in your town and how can they be enhanced?