Wayfair. Crate and Barrel. IKEA. Kirkland’s. The Container Store. West Elm.     Home accessorizing is big business. And lucky you ”“ not only do you have a home to decorate, you also have an entire downtown. (Did I say lucky you?)

Site furnishings in your downtown are the bells and whistles that can really make an impression. Bike racks, banner and light poles, trash and recycling receptacles, bollards, benches, umbrellas.


Last year, we dispatched weekly emails and related blog posts about downtowns we visited in that span of time. We’d go to a community, take it all in, and then write about the things that impressed us most. Do you know that the overwhelming majority of those posts dealt with some aspect of site furnishings? From town to town, across the Commonwealth and beyond, downtown accessorizing is making an impact.

Aside from the normal discussions of color, material, and location, here are a few other important items that influence whether the accessories make a positive impact. Give some thought to:


Quality is an important consideration, particularly in this context since all your site furnishings will be exposed to the elements, some every day of the year.


Sure. It sounds simple. Pour some concrete and bolt the item down. That is only partially true. Benches are not comfortable if they are not level and umbrellas, bollards, and poles are noticeable for the wrong reason if they are not plumb.


For each element you select, weigh the cost against durability factors versus your need or desire to change things up.


No matter how high the quality of your site furnishings, some maintenance will be required. Build this into your planning and budgeting before any purchases are made and you’ll be far ahead when it comes to keeping everything looking good.


Interject some of your community personality into your site furnishing selections. Is your community associated with a certain period in history, manufacturing of a product, or recreational activity? How might your furnishings play up that connection?

Yes, lucky you! Inspiration is all around and the time is perfect for adding some new site furnishing elements to your downtown.