fu ·sion   /ˈfyoÍžoZHÉ’n/ noun

the process or result of joining two or more things together to form a single entity

On any given day, you’ll find a variety of folks in Tioga County. Site seers and outdoor enthusiasts come for the many parks and lakes as well as the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon and the Pine Creek Trail. More than 42,000 county residents get to enjoy this overflow of nature’s beauty every day. And then there is the group that is not quite visitor but also not quite resident ”“ the 3,000+ students of Mansfield University.


These groups are fairly spread out ”“ in the wilds, in the community, and on campus. But one place where they can all come together is Mansfield Borough. Mansfield Borough provides a place for community fusion. It is a melting pot for these divergent groups and its appeal is evident. Need supplies for the weekend? They have it. A place to gather with friends? Check! A place to hitch your horse? Yes, they have that too.

Although smaller in scale, Mansfield Borough answers the needs of the community ”“ or actually, the communities ”“ it serves. Your own community may be a similar melting pot for a unique set of constituents. Are you serving them like Mansfield?