ready for gameday

ready for gameday

Kirk Herbstreit and Lee Corso are hitting the road again. It’s time for College GameDay and campuses across the US are hoping to be picked to host the broadcast on their campus. And who knows where they’ll wind up next. Apparently not even the producers!

While one would think that ESPN has a pretty good idea of where the crew will go each week, Fitting [the show’s senior coordinating producer] said no final determinations are made until end-of-the-day Saturday ”” and occasionally Sunday morning. (The Making of GameDay)

Neither the unpredictable nature of the selection nor the work involved has deterred colleges and universities from doing all they can to try and sway the decisions from week to week.

Sounds a lot like another type of highly desirable visit also taking place at this time of year – high school senior visits. And although you can try to control this group, I believe many are much more unpredictable than Lee Corso has ever been.

But are you ready?

Are you ready for:

  • More cars
  • More people
  • More older people
  • Questions about housing
  • Questions about safety
  • Questions about the future of the campus
  • Tours of the campus
  • Tours of the surrounding community
  • People who wonder away from the tour

And what about the folks who don’t come for a tour at all. They just show up, unannounced, at the oddest times.

Now more than ever, we need to be ready ”“ have our lamps full of oil ”“ because you never know who’s coming or when.

ready for gameday