hometown heroes

hometown-heroesWhen was the last time you were deep in a design meeting and one of your employees stood up and ran for the door? At Derck & Edson, this is not an uncommon occurrence. It’s not that our meetings are unbearable or our employees are unhinged. It is actually because we employ and support our Hometown Heroes.

The Hometown Heroes program in our area promotes volunteerism with our emergency services groups. And in a community protected by an all-volunteer fire company, volunteer fire fighters are in demand.

Mike Smith, one of our civil engineers, has been an active member of the Lititz Fire Company for over 20 years. Last year, in addition to working full time as a professional engineer for us, Mike responded to over 300 calls for assistance as a firefighter and deputy chief. Just last week, he was on the scene of an active fire right around the corner from our offices. And today, we’d like to say thanks to Mike and all the Hometown Heroes in our community for all they do.