hugs and kisses from the boroughs


Once every spring in Hershey, you don’t need to travel   across the state of Pennsylvania to experience the diversity that our 958 boroughs have to offer. PSAB-2013You don’t have to know that Indiana Borough is sometimes referred to as the Christmas Tree Capital of the World or that you can rest your head on a wooden pillow in Ephrata. You just need to know that there are   rich and unique stories across our state and for a few days in May, many of  them converge on the Hershey Lodge to share resources and strategies to remain  vibrant and sustainable centers of commerce and community in their regions. This is because the boroughs come together for the Pennsylvania State Association of Boroughs Annual Conference.

We have been fortunate to create revitalization plans, streetscape plans, and vision plans for some of these boroughs and those experiences have exposed a variety of issues that positively impact the ability of the boroughs to thrive. Our experience at the annual conference is our opportunity to gain a deeper and more varied appreciation of planning and  development concerns across the state while meeting all the great people that  help our boroughs succeed. We welcome the opportunity to join with this group ”¦   and maybe sample little Hershey’s chocolate along the way too.