in ·de ·fat ·i ·ga ·ble   ËŒin-di-ˈfa-ti-gÉ’-bÉ’l  adjective  – able to work or continue for a very long time without becoming tired

Many communities have felt the effects of disaster recovery, from flooding, fires, tornadoes, or winter storms. In 1864, during the Civil War, Confederate troops burned Chambersburg to the ground. The entire town! 537 buildings in all were erased from the landscape.


Now, if you drive through Chambersburg today, only a small granite monument would remind you of this tragedy. As you stand on the square and watch traffic flow around their five-tier fountain, you will see a town that has reinvented itself in the grandest of ways. The indefatigable residents and leaders in Chambersburg ensured that their community literally rose from the ashes to be what it is today. And today, a new round of residents and leaders are carrying on that tradition by continuing to rebuild, refresh, and revitalize their downtown to sustain their vibrancy for future generations.

We all face setbacks on the path to success. What is imperative is to stay the course and commit to incremental change. Although Chambersburg was burnt down nearly overnight, it was rebuilt over the course of many, many years. Be steadfast in your resolve to make change. It will take time.