phoenixville ingenious


ingenious /in-jeen-yuh s/ adjective

characterized by cleverness or originality of invention or construction

Buy a whole bunch of self-contained glider/picnic tables and set them up in your parking lot.

phoenixville ingenious

Reading it on a page, there is not much inherently ingenious about the previous statement, however, walking up Bridge Street in Phoenixville on a rainy Saturday in August and suddenly the sheer brilliance of the idea is revealed. Situated mid-block between Iron Hill Brewery and the Great American Pub & Hotel are seven hand crafted roller gliders from Ft. Lauderdale, FL.

This collection of impromptu seating creates a very non-traditional gathering space in the core community. There is no grass to mow, no high maintenance landscape to maintain, no expensive lighting or paving, there is simply comfortable and shaded seating for 28.   It’s ingenious because it provides a great space to wait for your table at the pub; while other restaurants in town (and there are many to choose from) cannot compete on comfort and appeal.

The space that is occupied by these gliders would be wasted pavement if not for these structures. While roller gliders are not necessary in every community, creative use of wasted space is always meritorious. What local or imported element can add originality to your community?