in ·trep ·id   adjective /inˈtrepid/- fearless, to act in a bold way

Coco Chanel is often remembered for saying that “a women needs just three things; a black dress, a black sweater, and, on her arm someone she loves.” Well, if you could alter that slightly to describe streetscape projects across the state, needing three things; a black light pole, a black bench, and someone to set the standard for these items.

Franklin lights

You will be hard pressed to argue the classic elegance and simplicity of black street furnishings and light poles. They are timeless and age gracefully. It takes an intrepid community to go their own way.

Franklin has gone that way for a long time and with some of the most attractive, memorable, and eye-catching results. The burgundy color palette established in their core community consistently impresses residents and visitors. The bold choice to avoid monochromatic and choose something from the Technicolor spectrum is a risk, but for Franklin, it is one that is paying off. It was a feature in their appearance on CBS Sunday Morning a few years ago when producers of that show opened the feature with imagery of their downtown, focusing on these exquisite burgundy fixtures.

Color your world, but be sure you’re ready to embrace that choice.