let’s blog

Explaining to the world what exactly a landscape architecture firm does is a challenge. So many people hone in on the word “landscape” and immediately visualize, for the optimists, a garden center, a backyard patio, or Longwood Gardens. The pessimists probably see spreading mulch, attempting to resurrect burnt out lawns, or slaving over flats of plants.

In an attempt to do justice to our firm, the profession, and the many facets of each, we’ve decided to tell our story through a blog. Since it is the story of our firm and what we do, the blog will include many voices and perspectives. In essence, we’ll let you peek into the professional lives of our staff with a day-in-the-life kind of presentation.

So let’s blog ”¦ about our “Let’s” series for our higher education clients.

The Let’s series consists of four magazine-style white papers. Let’s Plan addresses master planning ~ what is it, how we do it, and who we’ve pleased with our planning efforts. Let’s Build talks about the things we do in conjunction with a new building project. Topics range from initial site selection to infrastructure planning to accent lighting. Let’s Enhance is the flip side of Let’s Build and explores all the things we do on campus when a building project is NOT in the works. And in this time of economic recovery, it is a good story to tell. These activities are often more economically viable but deliver a big impact when executed well. We address campus circulation, creating a sense of place, hardscape, site furnishings, wayfinding, and yes, even landscape. The 4th piece in the series is Let’s Play. It focuses on campus athletics and covers the gamut from initial planning to the particulars of G-max.

The pieces have met with success internally so now it’s time to get them into the hands of existing and potential clients. And who knows, with any luck, some day when people hear the term “landscape architect” they’ll have visions of precinct plans, 3D models, and CDOCs ”¦ all leading to the creation of great outdoor spaces.