Derck & Edson is excited to announce the addition of Mark C. Evans, AICP, PP, AIA to
our team as Director of Planning. Mark’s experience with empowering communities and community builders with the visions, plans, and codes to create and restore walkable neighborhoods and vibrant commercial districts is a natural fit. Mark is committed to building communities and has worked for decades as an agent for change and responsible development. We wanted to share a little more about Mark so we sat down to ask:

How did you find out about Derck & Edson?

During a Pennsylvania Downtown Center conference, I was really impressed with the firm’s deep commitment to downtowns and helping each community visualize their future. It left a powerful first impression.

What part of your work do you look forward to the most?

I love hosting community workshops and designing the place while knowing that we have given dozens, and sometimes hundreds, of people a meaningful voice in the future of their community.

What are the top three lessons you learned from your career experiences so far?

1. Dream big or go home.
2. Great ideas can come from the most unlikely places, so do a lot of listening.
3. Collaborate, collaborate, collaborate.

What inspires you?

Traveling to places where I can “feel” the history of a place through its historic buildings and landscapes and its modernity through its artists, winemakers, brewers, photographers and craftspeople.

What is your greatest professional success story?

I am honored to have collaborated with many good people to transform an aging former factory and brownfield site in Doylestown into one of Pennsylvania’s first mixed use traditional neighborhoods, now known as Lantern Hill. It is a vibrant, walkable neighborhood featuring pocket parks, a diverse range of “borough” home types, offices, and a bank within walking distance of the downtown commercial district.