nes ·tle    Ëˆne-sÉ’l  verb ~ to lie in an inconspicuous or sheltered manner

Has anyone actually ever found a needle in a haystack? If the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is like that haystack, then Jim Thorpe might be the proverbial needle. For those of us that have found it, it is simply charming. Nestled quietly along the Lehigh River sits a collection of buildings so dense and ornate that you feel like you may have left not only our state but maybe even the country. That is to say, Jim Thorpe has a scale and character of development more attune to a small European hamlet. Seeing this place in the midst of an outstanding autumnal foliage display certainly helps, but I suspect it holds similar charm throughout the year.

jim thorpe-2

We can’t all be Jim Thorpe, the Olympic athlete. But most certainly we can emulate some aspects of Jim Thorpe, the town. Particularly the sense of discovery you feel when you arrive at the town square.

Pennsylvania is just over 46,000 square miles in area, there are 63 counties, and more than 1,000 named places. Being nestled away in our state is easy. How can you make your unique location pay dividends for you? Find that element that would make visitors feel like they’ve found another needle in our statewide haystack. Whatever that element is, celebrate and build upon it to make your community a destination that others want to find.