Stop 10 – wide open space in the heart of Greensburg

For aristocratic Europe, park spaces were private areas available only to the very wealthiest of the community. The gardens of Versailles or the Villa D’Este were green spaces for their homeowners. That paradigm shifted dramatically during  the early formation of United States’ cities thanks in part to Frederick Law Olmstead (the father of landscape architecture).  Central Park in New York, the Emerald Necklace in Boston, or more broadly any National Park, have shown the value that America places on public open space and further reinforce the inherit value in the availability of such space.

Many Pennsylvania towns have remarkable public spaces of all shapes and sizes that host events and activities large and small. Just steps from the site of this year’s National Main Street Conference is one of Pittsburgh’s fine examples in Point State Park. To see another truly exceptional version, visit Greensburg.

Greensburg has no shortage of topography, which can be problematic in snowy weather. That topography and the views it produces are harnessed to create St. Clair Park. The park is anchored by a band shell and historic log cabin, but the surrounding pastoral park space provides for a host of passive recreation opportunities, scenic vistas, and great spots to sit and rest. All within the confines of the downtown area.

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Moving right along and looking forward to seeing everyone in Pittsburgh!

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