pizzazz Mt Joy


piz ·zazz   /pɒˈzaz/   noun

an attractive combination of vitality and glamour; a quality or style that is exciting and interesting

We went in search of pie. We heard about a bakery where the crust is hand-made and you can buy a variety of pies, by the slice. Reason enough to set out on a Saturday morning.

What we found was not only delicious but also a treat for the eyes. And I’m not just talking about the pie!

Mount Joy, PA, maintains a delightful downtown. The architectural scale and detail is very much indicative of this part of the state (south central PA). But the elements before, above, and around the architecture give the streets their pizzazz.

pizzazz Mt Joy

The very first thing to catch my eye as we turned on to Main Street was a planter box. Overflowing with sweet potato vine, petunias, fountain grasses, and begonias, and adorned with an abstract metallic detail, these planters, found in multiple locations along the ample streetscape, really make a statement, draw the eye, and communicate to pedestrians and those in their cars that something special is going on.

Additional landscape appears in a planting strip that is incorporated right into the sidewalk and in front of several businesses in various colors and containers. Public art in the form of an intricate sailing vessel adds yet another element of interest. Blade signs and a combination of paving materials complete the inviting scene.

True, we went there for one purpose ”“ pie! But we came away with much more than that.

Are there single attractions that draw people to your town? And are you adding enough pizzazz to entice them to stay and draw them forth to discover what else you have to offer?