prom ·i ·nence  Ëˆprä-mÉ’-nÉ’n(t)s  noun ”“ in hiking, the quality of rising above or projecting beyond one’s neighbors

When you have big neighbors (in this specific case, like Mechanicsburg and Carlisle), standing out as a destination community can be difficult. After all, those towns have major highways and the traffic they carry nearby to support the local economy.

boiling springs

Yet what Boiling Springs may lack in traffic and asphalt, it more than makes up for in bucolic vistas and trail users. Anyone that has hiked the Appalachian Trail through Pennsylvania has experienced the allure of Children’s Lake and the Boiling Springs Tavern and maybe even taken in a show at the Allenberry Playhouse. Anyone who has driven through town has undoubtedly craned their neck to take in the view across the water, noticed the historic mill, and wondered about stopping to grab coffee and enjoy this wild enclave for a moment.

Cumberland County has a population of more than 230,000 people, but sitting here in Boiling Springs, you might never know that. Sometimes isolation and solitude can be the things that give you prominence above your neighbors. Balance can only be achieved when opposites are present.

If you are not the busy, bustling community in your county, perhaps you can stand apart for another reason. You don’t have to have the Appalachian Trail; it could simply be a rail-trail, a scenic vista, unique land form, historic element, or even just an attitude.