stop 12 ~ utility in Bloomfield

To truly appreciate the mastery of centralized utility networks, just think about your house. When you wake up in the morning, it’s likely with the help of utilities. Your morning coffee, shower, quick scan of e-mail and social media, and the warm air blowing out of your register on a cool morning are all thanks to central utilities. Now, you may know the company that provides each of these essential services, but if you were to pick your home up and move it somewhere else, who would you call to make sure your morning routine could continue the way in which you are accustomed?

Think about this when you drive through the Bloomfield neighborhood of Pittsburgh and behold the new Morrow Park Apartments. These are homes for a new generation of city dwellers in Pittsburgh with their own morning routines. To make a project of this scale (or virtually any scale) happen, each of the utility providers must be partners in the project. So understanding who provides your power (be it gas or electric), who provides the water (and from where the water comes from and at what pressure), and who provides all those other services becomes increasingly important. As a consumer, these people are good to know. As a downtown champion  in your community, you must get  to know these people.

There is great value in knowing a person for each respective utility. The person you know and have a relationship with may not necessarily be the right contact, but they will more efficiently be able to connect you with the right people to make your project move closer to reality.




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