stop 4 – covering Gettysburg

It is often said that you can’t judge a book by its cover. That may be true, but there is a reason why book cover design is still alive and well in the Kindle age. That cover is the first thing someone sees whether it’s in the library, the book store, or on their electronic device screen.   The style, color, forms, and images of the book cover help convey a message and hopefully entice the reader to open the book and explore its contents.

Downtown architecture and building styles are the book covers of the Main Street world. While it is true that you can’t necessarily judge an establishment by the building form or style, the opposite may be true. The style and form of the architecture can be the thing that draws you in to explore and experience the space.

Gettysburg’s core downtown is continuing to embody this reality. Look at any segment of the Lincoln Highway through downtown Gettysburg and it is like looking at a beautiful book shelf full of unique and colorful design details. Each building with its materials, windows, signage, lighting, and doors provides glimpses of what might be inside. The facade is not the true value of the building, but it goes a long way in attracting the initial interest and enticing patrons to explore a bit deeper.

For some cover shots of Gettysburg, go here.

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