Stop 5 – ready, willing, and able to succeed in Chambersburg

What does it take to make a project succeed? Certainly resources are  helpful. Great leadership is most definitely necessary, as is a solid idea or vision. But what may be most important is volunteerism. Notice we did not specifically say volunteers, but rather volunteerism ”“ the  spirit and passion for helping out or lending a hand. While it is true that a dedicated group of volunteers can be valuable for revitalization, there is no discounting the value of a community that is ready, willing, and able to come out to build, paint, sweep, clean, move, or simply cheer.

If you had driven through Chambersburg this summer, you may have been lucky enough to see true volunteerism at work. For a few days in July, a blank wall became a virtual dance floor for a choreographed routine of painting and tile application to create more than 700 square feet of mosaic mural art adjacent to Fort Chambers Park. (see their mural time lapse and volunteer videos  here)

Make no mistake, this community has great leadership and this idea was part of a downtown master plan. They also had a group of generous supporters who provided resources. But it was the volunteerism that made the project so remarkable and what can make similar efforts possible in other communities.

For a few other views of Chambersburg, check out the images shared below  or  pinned here.

Chambersburg-succeed2 Chambersburg-succeed3

Chambersburg-succeed4 Chambersburg-succeed5

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