Stop 6 – art smart in McConnellsburg

You probably have a photo in an album or on your phone where members of your family are posing in front of some piece of public art. Maybe it’s the LOVE sculpture in Philly’s JFK plaza. Maybe it’s smaller or more site specific like Marilyn Monroe in Kennett Square or the pretzel in Lititz. Perhaps you enjoy the board game pieces in Philly or that shiny kidney bean in Chicago.

No matter what that element is, it provides that visual tag to remind you of that place. You may not remember the artist, the exact materials, or even the reason the art is there. You will however remember the experience of being in that place, with that piece of art, taking that picture, with those people.

Maybe, if the art is just right, it will be a reason to visit the place again to create a collection of those photos (just ask any Penn Stater how many generations of photos they have on a stone lion in central PA).

For the art to be embraced in this way, it has to be exceptional in some way. The quilt patterns that adorn barns, buildings, and banners in and around McConnellsburg are that unique element that causes the casual patron to stop and ponder. The diversity of locations, sizes, and styles of the squares make this particular public art installation imminently repeatable and distinctive for Fulton County.

Want to learn more, visit these links:

  • Frontier Barn Quilt Trail to see how downtown McConnellsburg’s quilts cover the downtown and blanket the county
  • See our growing  collection of photos along the road to the National Main Street Conference, here.
  • And to get you even more excited about your time in Pittsburgh, check out this inspiration, shared by Preservation Pennsylvania:

“Check out the trailer for “Through the Place,” a beautiful, fascinating documentary film that is, all at once, a love letter to Pittsburgh and a celebration of the passion for preservation that has driven transformative grassroots efforts across the country over the past 50 years. The film was produced for the Pittsburgh History & Landmarks Foundation and was awarded Best Architecture Film at the 2016 New Urbanism Film Festival in Los Angeles.”


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