sturdy ~ by guest blogger Julie Fitzpatrick, PDC

stur ·dy adjective ˈstÉ’r-dÄ“ – strongly and solidly built; showing confidence and determination; resolute

When thinking of downtown York, one might be reminded of a community that has had its share of bumps in its proverbial road.   A community with a storied past that spans the centuries; a community that has reinvented itself, time and time again.   York is sturdy.   It’s tenacious.   It’s tired of being compared to its sister city.   It’s making its come-back.   It’s a hard-working community with an industrial and agricultural heritage, developing an artistic future.   Not just any artistic future – one that is connected to the industries of today and of the past.

gearsimage courtesy of Downtown Inc.

As a way to capitalize on their assets, York County is branding itself with Creativity UnleashedAmerica’s Industrial Art and Design Capital.   As you walk along George and Beaver Streets, you are reminded of the local industries by the public art displayed on the sidewalks.   There are unique planters and trash cans that catch your eye, sturdy, well-built objects.

There are vendors at York Central Market who have located there for generations, sturdy farmers and purveyors who wouldn’t go anywhere else but York.   Currently, the Market is using food as a catalyst in developing cottage industries and the Market District has steadfastly built a destination district for boutiques and specialty foods.

There is a pride and resilience from the people of York, sturdy and determined to grow and prosper.   The downtown is changing, it is moving in that direction. No matter who you meet in York, they’ll share their vision for the future, a vision that is already here. Is your town determined to come back time and time again to reinvent itself?   Are you prepared to learn from the past as you move towards the future?