tangent New Cumberland Borough


tan ·gent \ˈtan-jÉ’nt\ adjective

diverging from an original purpose or course

Summer time is a great time for movies, especially in Pennsylvania’s communities. Many offer outdoor movie experiences in parks or on church lawns and of course, there are our historic theatres like The Allen in Annville, The Majestic in Gettysburg, or the State Theatre in State College.

New Cumberland Borough is another such place, where you can catch a show at the West Shore Theatre or at various outdoor locations in the summer months. These entertainment options round out their downtown offerings that also include many eating establishments, a farmers market, a hardware store, frameries and galleries, antique and gift shops, and the Oxford Hall Celtic Shop.

tangent New Cumberland Borough

Admittedly, Oxford Hall is not the type of place you’ll find in every downtown. But New Cumberland is quite lucky to have this unique purveyor of all things authentically Irish. Part clothier, part jeweler, part snack shop, part tea room, Oxford Hall diverges from the norm.

Another tangential-type establishment is Ten Thousand Villages. Based in Akron, PA, those of us in Central PA are familiar with Ten Thousand Villages and their inventory of free trade goods from around the globe. (If you’re not familiar with them, visit http://www.tenthousandvillages.com/about-us/.) But while on vacation in Portsmouth, NH, I was struck as I walked by a beautiful Ten Thousand Villages store there as well. In fact, there are thirteen (13) Ten Thousand Villages stores in Pennsylvania alone. They have a presence in 41 US states and in Canada. And they offer a really interesting tangent in every community they’re in.

Tangential relationships are worth considering. How might it benefit your community to branch out? What wild tangent breaks the mold in your community?