the road hits the rubber

maloneEarly April in northeast Ohio conjures images of residual   snow piles, cold rainy mornings, and colder blustery nights. Not this April!

We are excited to be starting a wonderful new planning   project with Malone University in Canton, OH.     On the way from Cleveland to Canton, I-77 winds its way through Akron,   the home of Firestone Tire and Rubber Company. We took a short detour through   this truly unique mid-sized American city on our way to Malone. Akron is a   unique mix of high-tech research facilities and quaint rust-belt American charm   and definitely worth a second trip to really absorb the finer details.

Just a bit further south on I-77 is the City of Canton, most   notable for the Pro Football Hall of Fame, whose stadium is actually the home   of the Malone Pioneers, but also the home of a thriving Christian-focused   university. We spent three days touring the campus and preparing for the summer   planning work amid bright sunny skies and bursting Cherry trees, in early April   no less. If this experience is an indication of the rest of our time in Canton,   we are in for a terrific summer.