the most wonderful time

I can’t help it. Whenever I think of back to school time, my mind immediately remembers the Staples commercial from the 1990s. You know the one. It’s the most wonderful time of the year. The euphoric, skipping dad.

And then there are the kids. Not happy. Not shopping. Not skipping. Grim.

Fast forward several decades and transfer from elementary school to higher education and what do you see during back-to-school time?

The move-in experience. Cars and people ”“ bags and boxes ”“ everywhere. Overloaded cars, people, bags, and boxes.

Where is the euphoria? Where is the skipping?

You can find it! Today, it already exists on some campuses. A combination of planning, management, student support, incentives, and flat-out sweat equity have returned a spring to the step of many a parent and student on this day.

From a facilities standpoint, there is even more you can do.

  • Clearly identify circulation routes set up specifically for this day ”“ both for vehicles and pedestrians
  • Create eye catching and visible signage – again, specifically for this day ”“ to help lead the way
  • Avoid as many stairways as possible ”“ inside and out
  • Make sure all walkways are in top condition ”“ if temporary fixes are needed, make them

And if you need to take a short break and want to enjoy a commercial classic,  see below!

the most wonderful time